The Relativity of Affluence: How Much Are You Worth?

Hi Persuader,

You’ve probably noticed by now the newly focused path of MAXpersuasion. We’ve had this new focus for months now and we’re seeing enormous changes in our clients and their feedback has been nothing but praise for this new focus.

The message isn’t changing, it’s simply evolving. Persuasion is a vast field of study and we will continue to explore all of persuasion, only now we’re focusing with laser-like precision on the defined goal of selling to the affluent and activating within ourselves affluent mindsets.

When we define our goals, our targets, our specific & particular paths – we set our intention.

In recent weeks and months, we have set out to define affluence. The dictionary’s definition is not expansive enough for our purposes because of how individualized our perspectives are, but it’s a good place to start.

Affluence: 1. A plentiful supply of material goods; wealth. 2. A great quantity; an abundance. 3. A flowing to or toward point.

So affluence is a ‘great quantity’ in relation to what? A ‘plentiful supply’ compared to what? Compared to our own perspective? Or compared to what our neighbor has? Or compared to what we expected we might have?

When we get down to it, affluence is a combination of these three factors:

1. net worth

2. cash flow

3. disposable income

Of course that’s going to vary wildly from audience to audience so we have to define affluence for ourselves.

For you, what you consider affluent today – if you raised your own level of wealth in any or all of those three areas – you might not find affluence tomorrow.

So the goal is to constantly raise your own game, constantly raise your own level of being affluent yourself because that way you’re constantly progressing.

If you’re an advisor and today you have people that have a million dollar net worth… Well, maybe a year from now you’re selling people that have a million dollars in cash that they can put into your program.

Three years from then you’re selling people that have $20 million net worth and two or three or four million dollars that they can put into whatever you’re suggesting. That’s the degree of change that these skills will make for you.

This is all about the evolution of your business, your personal development, and the development of your ability to provide wealth for yourself and your family in any situation you find yourself in.

This is the power of persuasion.

For myself, when I was first starting out, my clients were college kids who could barely afford to pay attention, let alone pay for my courses.

I grew, and honed my skills and realized my value. I adjusted my relationship to affluence accordingly and began attracting you, my current clients, who are worth a considerable amount. It’s a different ball game and it’s entirely related to how much I feel I’m worth.

Similarly, the evolution of your own wealth is related to how much you feel you are worth. I can vouch for that.

Here’s an exercise for you:

Examine your relationship with affluence. Chart out an affluence map from the perspective of you 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and prior to enrolling in MAXpersuasion.

Once that’s mapped out, look at that piece of paper and see past the edge of the sheet to the vast territory of your future. Our affluence mindsets are about to jump off the charts.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Hugo - September 27, 2007

The high energy this post had for me was fantastic.I really look foward to experinceing

the full potentiall of the message.


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