The Tragic Tale of Phinease Gage

Phineas GageThe year was 1848 and what started as an ordinary day for Phinease P. Gage…was going to change history more than 125 years later..including the way you get YES’s today.

Phinease was 25 years old, a construction foreman and one the finest employees of the Ruthland & Burlington Railroad company out of Vermont.

He was the most competent man the company ever had employed.

Phinease was in charge of a large group of men, whose job was to lay down the new railroad tracks for the expansion across Vermont.

This was no easy task…

Sure, they could have gone around the mountains, but they wanted a much straighter path, causing Phinease to break out the dynamite.

Phinease was no stranger to this type of work, but on this day, something went terribly wrong…


…the dynamite exploded in front of Phinease’s face…causing a 3 foot 7 inch, 13 pound iron bar to enter his left check, and exit by rocketing through the base of his skull…landing over 100 feet away from wounded Phinease.

Phinease was blown back by the force of the explosion…and everyone thought he was about to meet his maker. It was a miracle…

Phinease stood up like nothing ever happened.

His workers rushed him to the local doctor, who couldn’t believe the miracle before him…that not only Phinease was alive, but talking and coherent.

Two months later Phinease made a full recovery…or what they thought was a full recovery.

Yes, Phinease could talk, see, hear, walk and seemed perfectly normal to anyone that did not know him before the accident.

But there was much deeper issues…

Phinease wasn’t himself!

He could not make decisions, in-fact he made verypoor decisions.

He had zero self-control and the once responsible man turned into a loose cannon…a ticking time-bomb ready to explode at any minute.

His once faithful employer wouldn’t even hire him back…he could not hold a job…and even became a side-show freak at the circus…just to make ends meet.


What the doctors didn’t know back then, was that the injuries Phinease sustained, were to the emotional center of his brain…so even though Phinease seemed to fully recover from the accident…he was missing a core piece of his deeper self…his use of emotions.

And what science has proven over the last few decades is that our emotions control much more then we ever thought possible…including how and why we make decisions.

Yes, you might think you are making your decision based on facts and logic…but when you take away your emotions, formulating a correct decision is next to impossible.

Your emotions are what make you…well…you.They are what makes your prospect decideto say YES to you or No…

And when you understand how to appeal tothe unconscious mind (someone’s deeper self…the emotions), you have the blueprint to hearing YES’s in any type of communication.

It is really that simple…

And for a limited time only you can learn how to get YES’s in everything you do…by learning how to connect with the unconscious minds of your prospects…their emotions.

Once you understand the secrets to receiving YES’s in everything you do…the doors to the kingdom widely open.

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P.S. It has only been in the last few decades that Neuroscientist have realized the importance of our emotions and the unconscious mind…in every aspect of our lives.

We can thank Phinease Gage for the first documented case….of the power of our emotions in making decisions.

The unconscious mind is the key to YES…and the Persuasion Factor is the only place to discover how to unlock the minds of your prospects.

Picture from the collection of Jack and Beverly Wilgus (Image laterally reversed to show the features in the correct position since daguerreotype is a mirror image)

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