Tough Times Call For Tough Approaches

Hey everyone, it’s Kenrick about the mind and the economy.

Your subconscious is actually very smart and very gullible at the same time.

It’s smart enough to run your body around the clock without you telling it
what to do.

Imagine if we had to stay up all the time so we would remember to breathe.

So our subconscious minds run our systems so we can focus on our lives.

But at the same token, your subconscious mind accepts what it is told to do
without much discrimination.

Tell yourself things aren’t going to work out and they probably won’t.

You’ve programed your mind for failure.

Tell yourself things are going to work out fine, and they probably will.

Now imagine a huge collective subconscious.

It’s not just you programming your own mind, everyone else gets to join in.

But there’s one problem.

Everyone is dumping garbage and negativity in your brain.

Turn on the news.

It’s all bad.

The economy is bad.

The economy is going to stay bad.

Christmas sales are going to be bad.

And your subconscious mind accepts it and makes it come true.

And your clients can’t afford to buy ANYTHING because the economy is so bad.

Unless you do something radically different.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

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