Verbal Pacing and Leading – Persuasion Intensifier

A few weeks ago we announced our first mini-course (Embedded Commands - Seducing the Unconscious), taken from material I perviously presented to my Elite Coaching Club.

These mini-courses are focused on a single powerful persuasion principal that will boost your a very affordable price.

This week I am pleased to announce our second mini-course, Verbal Pacing and Leading - The Persuasion Intensifier

Verbal Pacing and Leading Mini-Course + Learning Session only $49.99.

I am often asked, "Kenrick, what is the fastest way to increase my persuasion abilities?" Which is usually followed by them wanting me to provide them a magic-bullet language pattern to persuade anyone...and if you have been following my material for any period of time, you know there is no such thing.

The only way to become a Powerful Persuader is to master the fundamentals. Verbal Pacing and Leading is one of those building blocks...


It's the framework that you can embedded all other language patterns and persuasive language to intensify their effects.

This is truly one of those skills that is so powerful, but under used.

Click the link below to Learn More...

Take me to Verbal Pacing and Leading - The Persuasion Intensifier.



P.S. I am also including one of my learning sessions ($99 value) with this min-course. If you don't know about my learning sessions then click the link below to learn more.

Take me to Verbal Pacing and Leading - The Persuasion Intensifier

P.P.S. Persuasion Factor members, check the Persuasion Factor Group for an extra discount. If you are not a member of the Persuasion Factor then what are you waiting for?

P.P.P.S. The course will be available to you immediatly after purchase. The files will be available for download after the 7 day return period has expired.

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