Warning: Don't Sign Up For This Teleseminar

I sent out an email advising I was going to do a teleseminar on what was
left out of the original model of NLP.

And more people signed up than we arranged lines for.

So I don’t want you to go here https://www.maxpersuasion.com/free_teleseminar and sign up for the

Because we already have nearly twice the number of people signed up for the
call than we have lines for.

So my point is, if you’re serious about getting on the call, you need to get
your buns in line a few minutes before the call.

I’m going to be discussing this topic with my friend Harlan Kilstein.

Now, look at the patterns used in this email.

Pretty blatant right?

But more people are polarity responders than we’d care to imagine.

And the only way to get them to respond is to tell them NOT TO DO SOMETHING.

So DON’T GO HERE NOW. https://www.maxpersuasion.com/free_teleseminar

Of course, if you aren’t a polarity responder, just sign up here: https://www.maxpersuasion.com/free_teleseminar



PS. I’m not kidding about being over sold on the call. I’ve got two people
fighting for every position.

Get on the call EARLY.

Or Not.

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