What If?

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I read an interesting article recently, the point of which said the number one question people ask of themselves, basically human being’s most favorite question is: What if? I don’t know if the writers of the article have any research backing it up, but on a gut instinct, it seems about right (and from three decades of learning and constantly attempting to perfect my skills as a persuasion expert, I am very well acquainted and comfortable with my gut instincts.)

What if? What the article said is that the problem with asking this question is that most people go the wrong direction with it. They say, what if I don’t make any more money? What if life goes to hell in a hand basket? What if there’s a problem? What if I don’t succeed? What if I embarrass myself?

That’s the wrong direction for it to go. The right way to use ‘what if’ is this: what if this works magnificently? What if this becomes the way of the future? What if I discover a way to be on the leading edge? What if life becomes so good, that it just is unreal? What if I’m thrilled with where this takes me? In other words, ask what if but work upward with it, not downward with it.

You might ask why is this important. Well, I have two answers for you. First, following up on a previous article (Persuasion Through Rocky Terrain), this is because we are map making machines. The explanation about this is somewhat advanced and involved and requires some prior learning for it to be effective.

Fortunately, the second answer is possibly equally as powerful and is something you can implement now. The second answer is this: based on the laws of attraction, asking the right questions is essential in manifesting what you want.

What if I don’t get what I need? Gets you what? It attracts to you less of what you need. What if everything works out magnificently? What will that get you? It will attract to you things working out magnificently. This is the rough sketch. Of course your intention has to be solid. You must be clear that what you want is magnificence.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” When we tune into ‘what if I fail’ we are on the wrong station. When we tune into ‘what if everything I ever wanted became my reality and what if I passed on that abundance and joy to everyone I know?’ Well, then we are tuned into the right station. And not only that, but we’ve just laid a foundation for understanding how to become a map making machine for the people you love, the people you work with, your clients, prospects and anyone else you want to persuade.

But like I said in that last article, the basis for how to do this is a little more complicated than what can be written here.

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Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Jack - November 8, 2008


Excellent article. I think you can safely add this one to your “8 most dangerous words” article and make it 9. The “what if” can be used strategically in both directions. For example, you can ask yourself “What effect do I want to have on myself, or the other person?” And the answer you get will tell you how to use the question or what to emphasize. You can induce doubt, uncertainty, even fear(negative feelings), or you can go 100% positive and be a touchy feely-huggy- bear and induce good feelings.

Keep ’em coming!


I am sure you know this; this is for some of your readers who may not yet be aware of it.


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