What will 2008 Look Like for You?

Hi Persuader,

Over the past six months, I have been posting on all manner of persuasion techniques, strategies, and tips. For those that have been reading this blog regularly, I’m hoping that you’ve learned a few things that have helped you get more of what you want. If you haven’t figured it out already, I deeply care about what I do. Teaching people to use persuasion to enhance their success and personal lives is a large part of what I’m about. And, learning when a coaching client or training student makes a huge breakthrough in their career and personal life is a tremendous reward.

Recently, while catching up with some of my Elite Coaching Club members, I learned how they have done in the past year. Several have had their best year in their careers! Some have actually even doubled their income! Now, I can be sure they haven’t done this just by reading my blog, or listening to the coaching calls. A few have been with me for only a few months. Many have been working with me for several years. My Cleveland Method of persuasion can make a big difference in just a short time. Yet, those that have studied with me consistently for months or years have made just tremendous gains in their lives. There is so much more to be learned in persuasion, that even I continue to learn and increase my skills.

My message today isn’t to brag about my students. Though, I am very proud of their progress and growing skills. My message today is to ask YOU what you will do in 2008. Do you know how, exactly, that you’ll grow your income and ensure your success in 2008? I want to encourage you to give it some serious thought. Don’t settle for another year of marginal gains and wondering if you’ll make an acceptable income. Make sure you have a plan to guarantee the accomplishment of the intentions you set for your 2008.

I have already begun improving my training programs and adding elite coaching opportunities for people that are serious about going beyond their usual achievements. Yesterday, I announced the newest Persuasion Factor 2008 training program. I have put a special holiday package together to give even more value to my new students and a discount on the annual price. I’m not going to attempt to sell you here. If you have been reading my persuasion tips and feel they can make a difference in your business and life, then I encourage you to buy the program now. Get the extra value in this offer and get started now.

The MAXpersuasion crew is also working on a new Elite Coaching program that I will be announcing shortly. I am very excited about this one, as it is intended for a truly elite group of financial advisors. The impact I will have with this group will be tremendous. These will be highly successful people already, that have no bounds as to what they want to produce in their life.

I am looking forward to an incredibly successful year in 2008. Great success for my training program students, my coaching club members, and for you. Just remember, any skill that is worthwhile must be developed and used regularly. Begin looking at your intentions for 2008 and take action now.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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