What's Your Story? Using Stories To Persuade The Affluent

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What’s Your Story?
Using Stories To Persuade The Affluent

“To be a person is to have a story to tell.” ~Isaac Dennison

Telling persuasive stories is the ultimate form of persuasion that exists. People are naturally wired to be able to hear your stories. It’s just a phenomenal way to communicate and it’s a phenomenal way to persuade.

You literally could do nothing but tell stories and be very, very successful.

If you aren’t telling a story and telling it persuasively, you’re missing out on a huge amount of persuasive power that you could otherwise have in your possession. Stories put the listener in a place that let’s him/her more easily accept what’s being said. Stories bypass resistance and touch the heart. That’s the key. Everyone wants to feel proud and important. You can tap into these feelings very effectively with stories.

People need to have faith in you, to believe in you, and stories give you the chance to persuade them to do so. Facts, on the other hand, will not accomplish that.

Most people have well-trained B.S. detectors. They don’t want to feel persuaded; they want to make up their own mind. Stories give them the ability to make up their own mind the way you want them to, to see what you want them to see. That’s the beauty of stories.

People need to have two questions answered in order to trust you: 1) Who are you? – which is what you’re going to be focusing on – and 2) Why are you here? Once they know those two things, they can trust you.

When you’re sitting down in front of an affluent prospect talking and they don’t know who you are or why you’re there… they’re not really going to trust you.

You could say “I’m an advisor and they need help with their money.” Nope. That’s not it.

Your affluent prospects really have to know who you are and why you’re there.

Imagine the power of this strategy. Now imagine it combined with the physical and verbal rapport techniques that I teach in my Persuasion Factor program and with my Elite Coaching Club members.

Now do you see why it’s important to keep sharpening yuor saw with these techniques?

There’s so much to learn. If you feel like you need more support, you can wait to read all of my future emails in the coming months, or you can get on the fast track by starting with my Persuasion Factor program. www.PersuasionFactor.com.

But it’s a beautiful thing to be able to add all these techniques and strategies together and telling a story is the perfect format for doing just that.

A story can drastically speed up the process of learning who you are and in turn cut down on the time it takes for your clients to trust you. Instead of having to discover who you are over a long period of time, a story can stimulate the clients into seeing that very quickly.

Stories mesmerize and suck people in. They fit into the indirect permissive model, not the direct authoritarian model of communication. And once again, therein is one of the most significant powers of stories.

What’s your story? Are you from humble beginnings? Have you overcome adversity? Did you beat the odds in some facet of your life? Is your story a fairy tale?

Map out your story – could be something as simple as your struggle with an employer that forced you to set out on your own and seek your own fortune, or it could be something as vast as a family history. You’ll know it when it feels right – and so will your affluent prospects.

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Kenrick E. Cleveland

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