Who Peed On YOUR Face?


Sure enough. Tony Robbins said that to a woman crying her eyes out when
we worked with her on stage.

And guess what happened.

She stopped crying.

In fact, she just stopped.

Finally she stammered, “What do you mean?”

And Tony told her she was crying so hard it looked like someone peed on her

She was silent and than began to laugh.

Tony was able to move her to a place where he could work on her problem.

A lot of the people you meet as a persuader are stuck in their own minds.

And we as persuaders need to be able to ask them – “Who Peed On Their Face”.

However, I suspect if you aren’t on stage like Tony AND you don’t have
Tony’s leverage,
that might not be the wisest strategy.

Instead, let me show you how I persuade today using Kenrick’s Persuasion

Go here to view the short video:


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JohnSmith - August 20, 2009

Dr. B, Did you know that when you’re pointing your finger at someone, you’ve got -three- pointing right back at you?

I think you missed the lesson to be learned here.

[quote comment=""]your links are not working… no videos to be found
and such a lousy pitch… I really wonder what kind of persuader you are and what you could possibly teach me given the fact that your promo is not selling and your pitch is well… undeveloped and immature[/quote]

JohnSmith - August 20, 2009

(the link isn’t sending to the proper page though)

((also it quoted that other person as me for some reason))


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