Yoda was dead WRONG

“There is no try just do” – Yoda


Yoda was one smart and powerful little green dude…

But he got that one wrong.

Because when we “try”, we start building up
the neural networks in our brain that
allow us to form a new habit or skill.

And what’s truly amazing is…

That we don’t actually have to “do”… at all.


Our brain doesn’t distinguish between
what we imagine and what we physically “do”.

Think about that for a second…

And you will find it another one of the secrets to
why the Neuro-Imprinting Sessions™
inside the Charisma Switch are so powerful..

…and just flat out works!

The latest scientific research backs this up 100%.

In one experiment done at Bishop University…

Participants who imagined a workout vs actually
working out yielded very similar results.

The group that actually did the exercises gained
28% in strength vs the group who imagined
the workout gained 24% in strength.

(North American Journal of Psychology)

Pretty amazing!

This type of experiment has been repeated with
similar results for learning, shooting free throws,
increased IQ and so forth.

And the main reason behind this is…

Our imagination is one of our greatest gifts
for being able to
develop new skills and change our behaviors.

And is also another one of the reason that Neuro-Imprinting™
will automatically implant the three behaviors that make up
a Charismatic person.

You know…

A person who is able to influence others just by
their presence.

A person who others are naturally attracted to.

A person that others trust and follow.


When you sit back comfortably and listen
to the Charisma Switch’s Neuro-Imprinting
Sessions™, you’ll instantly start to
build the Charismatic neural networks to
trigger it on demand.

I couldn’t make it any easier for you
to be able to covertly influence others.

In just 30 days, you too could have this
amazing ability at your beckon calling.

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