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Educating yourself on basic and advanced persuasion techniques is just about as critical as knowing how to use the Internet these days. And when influencing anyone, you absolutely MUST know the key strategies of persuasion in order to bring value to your prospects, and ultimately to earn their patronage.

You’ll find regular and incredible value in your inbox from now on. I invite you to read about these strategies, think about them, and apply them immediately to all situations where persuasion applies (which is most any situation!).

Practice each new skill with all the people in your life from your prospects to your kids to your waiter while out to lunch. The more you practice, the better you’ll become and you will see your persuasive selling skill set grow and progress as you apply more and more of my strategies.
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Also, here is the special report I told you about.

Make sure to open it up and read it as soon as you can. Start practicing and applying and watch your closing percentages take off!

I know you’ll enjoy the report and look forward to you visiting my blog often to read the latest articles, skills and techniques.

Be sure and post your thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedback on the blog as I enjoy being able to interact with you personally.

Now go out there and persuade someone today!

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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